Allah Almighty has bestowed humans with power, money, and knowledge to be utilized in the right direction. In partnership with leading organizations in this space, we bring together key stakeholders and spark solutions-driven conversations on critical issues in development. Global development today is an increasingly complex ecosystem and to help make sense of this new landscape, MDFF hosts conversations with leading policymakers and decision-makers. With the financial support of an exclusive partner, each newsmaker event explores the future of global development – its opportunities and challenges.

What we aspire to do through MDF Foundation is to take initiative, encourage innovation and, in turn ensure sustainability and growth to achieve a higher goal of developing the human mind. In most developed countries, sustainability and development are ensured through adopting creativity and positivity as a base for institutional operations. MDF Foundation and myself together will venture to take action, adopt initiatives, and encourage creativity, ensuring sustainability and growth that contribute in developing the human mind.