A sponsored water well becomes a HEART in a rural village. It creates a hub of brotherhood and is a means of dignity for a Community. You can assist villages like these and enhance their quality of life. Access to a clean and constant supply of clean water is essential for life. Not only does it keep the human body alive and functioning, but regular hygiene staves off diseases whilst regular access to water.

The use of wells and pumps are a viable solution to many areas of Africa, water is so far below the earth’s surface that the only way to reach it is to create a large borehole.

This then allows communities to maximise the water supply but to build, it requires heavy machinery capable of digging into the ground as well as needing advanced hydrogeological surveys to determine the best location of the borehole.



A highly complex system, a borehole is not just about digging a deep hole it requires a large water tank that can hold around 100,000 litres, site management offices, generator room and separate water stations As you can imagine, to build such a vast construction requires a huge amount of time and money. These are some of the people who require access to clean water the most and with your help we can continue our work providing the neediest with the very basic requirements of human life. Our team is able to build deep water wells close to each community, ensuring a constant supply of water no matter the weather or harshness of the terrain.



To ensure effective mobility, wheelchair users need a wheelchair which fits them correctly and meets their specific needs. However, statistics show that about 10% of the global population, i.e. about 650 million people, have disabilities and of these, some 10% require a wheelchair. It is thus estimated that about 1% of a total population, or 10% of a people with a disability, need a wheelchair, i.e. about 65 million people worldwide. In addition, it was estimated that in 2003, 20 million of those requiring a wheelchair for mobility did not have one. There are indications that only a minority of those in need of wheelchairs have access to them, and of these very few have access to an appropriate wheelchair. Paying for wheelchair on your own can often seem impossible because of the high price tag. We strive to assist those who cannot afford the luxuries of this vital piece of equipment.

Donation will help us to cover the Madrasa fee. We believe the Islamic learnings truly bring out a lasting change in students which can change their entire life. Your donation will not only cover the Madrasa fee but will also help cover additional costs that come with it such as food, health care and clothing in a safe environment.

Normally, it takes three to five years for a child to complete Hafiz-ul-Quran so we encourage donors to sponsor a child for the entire period, allowing them to complete their studies and take the first step in the education of the Holy Quran.






Education is an essential pillar of the renaissance of nations & Islam and the locomotive that crosses society towards the prospects of progress and development, through the production of… informed, and capable minds. Education is a key pillar for the advancement of nations and a driver for society progress and development. It nourishes the minds and enables them to create and manage the main institutions of society. This is in addition to producing qualified human resources and competencies that are capable of establishing and leading development projects at all levels.