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Our Mission & Vision


Building a society of knowledge and development where young people are able to learn and advance in the fields of education, media, culture, and technology through establishing incubators and encouraging esteemed institutions to provide an attractive and stimulating environment. We help communities find ways to improve their lives and find long lasting solutions to their many issues. We strive to end injustice and poverty around Africa by working closely with children and their families to identify what they require the most. We respond to disasters as well as long term need in communities that have daily struggles that affect the lives of children. 

Spreading and promoting the values of moderate Islam, developing the charitable work and building masjid’s in accordance with international best practices. The vision of the Foundation is Pioneering Initiatives for Welfare.

We are focused on health and education on a domestic, regional and global scales. The educational strategy of the Foundation includes supporting educational projects in the country, including health needs related to malnutrition, child protection, care and provision of safe water on a global level. Poor and needy communities are also supported by the provision of main infrastructure such as educational centers and madrassas. 


Give charity without delay,for its stands in the
way of calamity
(Al tirmidhi)

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Give charity without delay, for its stands in the way of calamity (Al tirmidhi)


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